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Text Messaging
PSA Members,

PSA invites you to sign up for text messaging through rainedout.com. In the event we have an urgent message such as game cancellations or field closures due to weather you will receive this info via text in a timely manner.

Please give this great communication tool your consideration. Just a few easy steps are involved with signing up.

Here is how you do it.

Paste the URL below in your browser address box.


1. Type in your 10 digit mobile number (with no parentheses or hyphen).
2. Check the "Agree to terms" box.
3. Click "Start Signup".
4. You will then be asked to validate. The validation number should have been sent to your mobile phone via text. Enter the code on the validation box and click "validate"
You’re all set!
If you want to recieve the message via your email as well, follow these steps again, but enter your email address instead of phone number.

If you have any questions, please contact webmaster@powhatansoccer.org

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