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About Fury

Fury Program Mission

The Powhatan Fury Travel Soccer program was formed to prepare and train area players to play competitive soccer.  Our mission is to develop our players to perform well at the high school and collegiate levels. 


League Play

Powhatan Fury teams play in the Skyline Club Soccer League (SCSL) and Virginia Soccer League (VSL).  Each league is a member of the Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA). 

The Skyline Club is a developmental league, or a step above recreational soccer.  The league is comprised of teams in the west-central region of Virginia, and we field Fury teams to compete in the league from the U10 to U13 ages.  VSL is a state-wide league which includes age groups up to U18, and offers competitive levels ranging from classic to elite.  During the spring season, VSL fields teams up to the U14 age bracket due to older player commitments to spring high school programs.  VSL teams compete throughout Central Virginia, Tidewater, and Virginia Beach.



VSL and SCSL matches are usually played on Saturday, and occasionally Sunday.  Participating teams play from 8 to 10 matches per season. and  typically participate in one or more tournaments each season.  Teams play matches ranging from 25 to 45 minute halves, depending upon age group.  VSL and SCSL match scores and official team rankings are maintained by the league, and help determine season upon season in which bracket (classic, premier or elite) a team will be placed for optimal competition

For SCSL, half of the matches are played at Fighting Creek Park, PSA’s home field, and the remaining matches are played in the west-central region of the state (e.g. Louisa, Farmville, Fluvanna, Orange, etc.).  The same holds true for VSL, except teams will travel to Newport News, Virginia Beach, Fredericksburg, Lynchburg, and elsewhere.  Tournaments for either league can be held anywhere, depending upon the scope of the event.


Commitment and Expectations

Competitive soccer is a family commitment.  Fury teams practice at least twice per week, and sometimes more when initially preparing for the season or a tournament.  Practices are 60 to 90 minutes in duration.  Additionally, players will be asked to perform conditioning or individual drills independently between practices.  Players are expected to attend all practices and keep their coach aware of events which may impact their ability to make practices or games.  Playing time and positions are solely determined by the coaches.  No player is guaranteed a minimum amount of playing time.  Please do not consider travel soccer unless your player and their family are committed to attending practice and games diligently.


Tryouts and Eligibility

Team tryouts are held in May or June for the coming fall season, and advertised in local media.  Our coaches evaluate candidates through drills, small-sided games and scrimmages.  Depending upon the number of players identified as having the necessary skill to play competitively, teams are created and posted on this website.  All decisions by the coaches are final.

Team roster capacity is dependent upon the number of players required to field a team at each age group (e.g. 8v8, 11v11, etc.) and on league restrictions. Players who are chosen for a team in the fall remain on that team for the spring season.  There is a second, smaller tryout held in November or December, solely for roster maintenance.  For example, if a team needs additional players they may pickup players during this tryout or if enough players are found, a new team may be formed.  Players need not be residents of Powhatan to participate in Fury soccer.  Please note that players are NOT permitted to participate on ANY PSA recreational league team while possessing a travel player card, and violations will be brought to the attention of the club's Board of Directors.  

Fury fees are higher than recreational or player development program fees. However, our fees are substantially lower than many of the Richmond area's larger programs.  We field extremely competitive teams who often rank at the top of their divisions.  Nearly all of our coaches possess a D license at the state or national level, and we have produced a number of players that have gone on to play at the collegiate level.  Other expenses typically include uniforms, equipment, and travel expenses.

For questions about Powhatan Fury, please contact:
Wes Edwards, Fury Travel Program Director
(804) 586-0657
Powhatan Soccer Association -- PO Box 125 -- Powhatan, VA 23139
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