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Code of Conduct
Powhatan Soccer Association -- Code of Conduct

Soccer is exciting and competitive. The Powhatan Soccer Association (PSA) appreciates that players, coaches, referees, and spectators of all ages enjoy and are passionate about playing and watching this great sport. In order to assure that everyone will continue to enjoy PSA practices, games, and other activities in a positive, safe, orderly, and sportsmanlike manner, all persons participating in or attending PSA activities are expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct. We thank you in advance for doing so and helping us to maintain the positive, supportive atmosphere our players, referees, and coaches deserve.

I. Positive support and encouragement is expected from all players, parents, spectators, coaches, and officials.

Adults, teammates, and opponents will respect the efforts of all players and coaches. Recognition of effort, determination, teamwork, and sportsmanship are MORE important than for scoring or winning.

Coaches have a heavy responsibility to lead by example and develop their team and players. They must give instruction, constructive criticism, and, when necessary, exercise reasonable discipline. Coaches will encourage each of their players to improve their skill, knowledge, and contribution to the team. They will offer praise when appropriate and will avoid demeaning or derogatory criticism.

Comments voiced at PSA practices, scrimmages, and games about players, teams, coaches, and officials will be positive.

II. Respect is expected for Referees, for Coaches, for Association Officials, for Property of Others, and for Property of the Powhatan Soccer Association.


It is the Coach's responsibility to instruct and direct their team.

Positive cheering is encouraging to players, but instructions shouted by spectators are confusing to the players and undermine the coach's authority.

Respect the Coach's responsibility to coach during the game.

Questions for your Coach, (such as about strategy, player position, rules of the game, referee calls, playing time, etc.), should be held until after a game.

The 24 hour rule is often recommended when discussing potentially emotional concerns.

Coaching from behind goals or field end-lines is not permitted by coaches OR spectators, because it is distracting to and places undue pressure on goalkeepers and defenders.

Coaches are responsible for the actions and language of their players and other team representatives on their sideline or team bench area.

Coaches are also responsible for informing team supporters about and encouraging the practice of appropriate behavior at PSA activities.


Referees are expected to comply with FIFA and CVSRA codes of Conduct and ethics, and to apply the Laws of the Game appropriately.

It is the Referee's responsibility to call each game as fairly and impartially as possible.

Referee calls are not debated during the game.

Questions about referee calls or rules of the game should be asked of/through your coach after the game.

Persistent questions about rules can be taken to the appropriate program Director (Recreational League or Fury), and brought to PSA Board meetings for answers, if necessary.

When needed, Club Linesmen, (parents or other unlicensed Association personnel who serve as unofficial referee linesmen for games), will be selected by the licensed Center Referee. Club linesmen must remain impartial and silent while performing line duties, and will not determine offside.

Any language or action that could be considered assault or abuse that is taken upon a licensed Referee falls under the jurisdiction of the VYSA (Virginia Youth Soccer Association), of which PSA is a member. Pending VYSA resolution of such alleged action, the offending individual(s) may be suspended from all PSA practices, games, and other activities.


Participants in PSA activities are expected to be responsible for their own belongings and equipment, and to take these things with them when leaving PSA activities.

Property belonging to another PSA member or visitor is to be treated responsibly and with respect.

Participants will use available trashcans or take litter with them to dispose of elsewhere if cans are full or not present.

PSA equipment and property will be treated with respect at all times.

Team equipment is expected to be returned to PSA in good condition for use another season, and should not be used for other than permitted purposes, unless specific permission is granted by the appropriate Director.

Goals, nets, corner flags, and other field equipment should serve teams in PSA for many years. Nets and goals are NOT designed to bear weight. Under NO circumstances should a player or anyone hang on or otherwise stress ANY of our goal frames or nets.

No PSA field equipment may be removed from its location or used in any unauthorized way, unless specific permission is granted by the appropriate Director.

Damage, vandalism, or theft of personal or PSA property or equipment will not be tolerated. Individuals responsible for these actions, if and when identified, will be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement, and subject to temporary or permanent suspension from PSA activities.

III. Sportsmanship is expected of Players, Spectators, Coaches and Officials

Respect for the game of soccer, its rules, participants, and fans is expected at all times. PSA members will conduct themselves with honor and dignity, and maintain a basic trust in the honesty of opponents and officials. Participation in games, practices, scrimmages, and other PSA activities should be for the love of soccer. Players, Coaches, and team supporters should be generous when they win, graceful when they lose, and mindful to set a positive example appropriate for even the youngest among us to follow.

Players, Coaches, and supporters in both the Recreational League and Fury Program represent both PSA and Powhatan County community when they play, both before and after games, and should do so with pride in their soccer but sportsmanship in their demeanor.

All PSA players and Coaches are expected to participate in the sportsmanship handshake with each opposing player, Coach, and Referees (if they participate), at the end of each game. A polite comment, such as, "Good game!" is appropriate. The handshake is an important part of the game that demonstrates respect and appreciation for the efforts of both teams, both coaching staffs, and the officials.

Foul or threatening language or behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

IV. Consequences for actions or behaviors inconsistent with the guidelines of this Codeof Conduct.

Actions, behaviors, or language that is objectionable, and that is witnessed by PSA Officers and/or Board members, or is brought to the attention of PSA will be addressed on an incident by incident basis. Incidents will be discussed or investigated by, and resolution or action, if necessary, will be determined by appropriate PSA Officers or Board members. Incidents requiring discussion, investigation, and/or resolution action, will be reviewed at the PSA Board meeting.

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