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Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Recreation (Rec) League.

Will my child get an equal chance to play?

Yes. Our policy clearly states that each child will play at least 50% of the game, and our coaches do a very good job of keeping to this, even with all that goes on during the game. Exceptions to this rule are made when a child has exhibited bad conduct or unsportsmanlike behavior, or is injured, or for other reasons where the safety of the child or others is a concern.

How are the teams chosen?

Association officers - usually the Registrar, Coaching Coordinator, and Recreation Program Director, among others, sort the registration forms by age group. The first task is to assign coaches, and assign the coaches children to the team. We then consult player ratings that we have available, and look at size and age as factors in trying to balance teams.

Why do some teams seem to lose a lot, and others win so often?

We do our best to balance teams, but, 1. We use ratings that are subjective, and which are probably valid within each coach's team, but not necessarily valid from team to team - Coach A may rate 75% of his players as 'great' - while Coach B rates only one as 'great'; 2. children, especially pre-adolescent children, are constantly changing in skill level, speed, and coordination - a rating which was perfectly valid at the end of the spring season may not be valid by the next fall; 3. We are not perfect; 4. Some parents don't fill in the height on the form - so we have to guess; 5. Height, age, sex and even years of playing experience may not matter, and don't help at all to determine talent; 6. Coaches, too, have different ability and experience levels; 7. Sometimes children drop out during the season, leaving a team shorthanded. It's not a science, that's for sure.

How do I know if the game has been cancelled due to rain?

Check this website, on the page accessed by selecting 'Home'. Get in touch with your coach as soon as possible afterwards to see if there are alternate plans.

Will a cancelled game be rescheduled?

If possible, a make up day will be scheduled, but what happens most often is that coaches arrange to scrimmage each other informally to make up the game.

What equipment do I need?

All players must wear shin guards which must be covered by socks to all games and practice.  The appropriate uniform must be worn to games. All players must bring water to every games and practice.  Soccer cleats are recommended to improve footing, particularly on wet fields. A soccer ball for home practice is strongly recommended to improve the player's skill level. Players are not allowed to wear wire rimmed glasses at games or practices.  The Powhatan Soccer Association Guidelines for Jewelry, Braces, Glasses and casts will be strictly adhered to.

How long will practices last, and how often will we practice?

Practices for U-9 and younger will last an hour or less; for older ages, they may be slightly more than an hour. Practices are usually once per week, but coaches and parents may agree together to practice twice per week.

Where and when do we practice?

Practice times and days of the week are determined by the coach. All coaches are volunteers and it is common for work obligations to dictate practice nights and times. We value our coach volunteers, and they have wide latitude in scheduling practices. We are, however, constrained by the practice fields available.

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